Real Estate

Real Estate


The law offices of Nerina Smart, P.A. handles various real estate matters including:

  1. Foreclosure Defense
  2. Evictions
  3. Ejectment Actions
  4. Condominium Association Representation


The real estate market in the United States has faced the worst downturn seen in decades. Today there is an unprecedented number of foreclosures faced by thousands of homeowners in the South Florida community. The law firm of Nerina Smart, P.A. can assist you based on your unique situation. The attorneys evaluate each client’s circumstances to assist you in deciding on the best plan of action. Whether you are attempting to short-sale your property or modify your mortgage, we can strategically maneuver our efforts to maximize achievement of your goal. A few common reasons borrowers have found themselves in foreclosure include:

  1. You lost your job;
  2. You experienced personal difficulties (for example illness or death of a family member);
  3. Your balloon mortgage matured and you were unable to make the payments; and
  4. Your new ARM payments are no longer affordable.

Based on your individual circumstances the attorneys at Nerina Smart, P.A. can assist you with obtaining a loan modification; assist in the short-sale process; assist with a deed-in lieu; and/or defend your foreclosure to prevent a final judgment giving you time to obtain your short-sale, deed-in-lieu, etc.

Because each client’s needs and circumstances are unique, it is in your best interests to schedule an appointment to speak with one of the attorneys to develop a plan of action most suitable for your needs!


Assistance for Landlords: The law firm of Nerina Smart, P.A. can assist landlords with evicting non-compliant tenants for non-payment of rent, expiration of lease, tenant misconduct, etc. Florida prohibits the landlord from employing self-help with respect to evictions. To avoid unnecessary expenses and to ensure that the eviction occurs expeditiously, please call our office to make an appointment with one of our attorneys.

Assistance for Tenants: If you are a tenant and your lease has been breached for one reason or another by your landlord, you may have a defense or cause of action against your landlord. Make an appointment to meet with one of the competent attorneys at the law offices of Nerina Smart, P.A. to see whether there is any available redress for your situation.


If you have someone living in your home (for example a roommate, boyfriend/girlfriend, or a family member) without a rental agreement and you want that person removed, the proper recourse may be an ejectment action. In order to file an ejectment action, the person to be removed must be occupying the real property with you and must not hold title to the property. If you are unsure how to remove someone legally from your property, please contact our office for an appointment with one of our attorneys.


The law firm of Nerina Smart, P.A. represents homeowner/condominium associations regarding their legal needs. The rules and laws covering associations can be overwhelming and keeping up with the changing laws can be exhausting. The law firm of Nerina Smart, P.A. assists the association in the following areas:



  1. Collection for past-due assessments
  2. Foreclosure
  3. Foreclosure defense
  4. General regulatory needs
  5. Preparation of rules and regulations
  6. Interpretation, amendments and enforcement of the governing documents
  7. Drafting and reviewing contracts

If you are a member of an association and believe that your association can benefit from our services, please call our firm for an appointment with one of our attorneys.